Building a Next Generation Space-Themed Edutainment Business

SpacePortLeisure is a futuristic space-themed entertainment and media business which encompasses location-based entertainment theme parks and family entertainment centers.

Its multifaceted offerings will entertain, educate and promote the emerging space exploration and civilian space industry.

It pursues business opportunities focused on: location-based entertainment (SpaceCity2100 and SpaceVillage2100), edutainment, digital media, hospitality, leisure and dining, social networking, and consumer products.

Via our strategic partner, Cosmica SpaceLines, we plan to offer Suborbital Space Tourism and Space Payload Research on-board a Spaceplane.

The main attraction at these destinations will be SPACE... THE ULTIMATE RIDE™. This is a unique SpacePortLeisure designed roller coaster experience, which has never been done before.

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